Debbie with son Spencer at 4 years old

Mungo Martin and Henry Hunt at Thunderbird Park in Victoria, B.C.

Grandpa Henry Hunt

Daughter Jen, brother Tony Hunt Jr

Chief Frank Nelson and father Chief Tony Hunt Sr.

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Debbie Hunt's BIO

Debbie Hunt belongs to the Kwakiutl Band of the KwaKwaKwa’wakw Nation. She was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. and also considers Fort Rupert, B.C. her home too. Debbie has been given the name Hamdzidi (meaning “to not hesitate to help out”). Her name comes from her grandmother Helen Hunt. Helen was adopted, the indian way, at the age of 12, by Mungo Martin.

Debbie Hunt comes from a proud and talented artistic family. Debbie’s grandfather was the late Henry Hunt, and her father is master carver and hereditary Chief Tony Hunt, Nakapenkim (meaning ten times Chief). Her brother is renowned carver/artist Tony Hunt Jr. and Uncle’s Richard and Stanley are very talented artists in their own right too. Debbie is very proud of her Kwakiutl and Tlingit history and artistry, and she regards her culture as the strength to maintaining traditional songs and dances. She has a special love for the designs and the vital role it plays in potlatches and culture.

In May 2011, Debbie trained under Master Goldsmith Valentin Yotkov, and participated in a Chasing and Repousse course - the art and magic of sculpting in metal. It was awesome!

In April 2010, Debbie created two - one and a half inch silver bracelets using her father's designs, and these were presented to The Honourable Steven Point, the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and his wife Gwendoline. The bracelets were presented after a special day of a Canoe Launch that his honour and Chief Tony Hunt carved together.

In February 2010, Debbie participated in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, B.C. What an honour and priviledge to be part of such a rare opportunity!

In November 2009, Debbie was 1 of 170 artists selected and included in the Santa Fe Winter Show case.

In August 2009, Debbie was 1 of 100 new artists selected in a juried process and was among 1100 artists to participate in Santa Fe Indian Market (SWAIA) in New Mexico. This was extremely exciting and to experience Santa Fe during the Indian Market was awesome! So creatively inspiring!

In August 2008, Debbie was 1 of 100 artists selected for the North American Indigenous Games that happened in Duncan, B.C. There was an attitude of gratitude amongst the athletes and artists!

In December 2007 and 2006, Debbie was 1 of 36 artists selected, from the USA, Canada, Central and South America, to attend an Art Market in New York City! This event was at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. This was a huge honour and exciting event to attend. Debbie was also inspired by all the other artists there and enjoyed sharing creative ideas.

Debbie would like to thank her fiancé, Rodney Loonskin, daughter Jennifer and son Spencer, for all of their encouragement.

Special acknowledgements to artists: Tony Hunt, Francis Dick, Rick Johnson, Kodi Nelson, John Livingston, Rande Cook, Nancy Dawson, William Wasden Jr., Frank Nelson, Paddy Seaweed, Norm Seaweed and Herb Lancaster for their continued support and advice.